The Unparalleled Love of Christ

I am 258 years removed from Joanthan Edwards sermon, “There Never Was Any Love That Could Be Paralleled with the Dying Love of Christ”, on Romans 5:7-8, and it came on me ministering great grace.  It ministered Christ to me in a fresh way.  Meditate on these five reasons he gives why the love of our Lord is unparalleled.

  1. Never was there a love that fixed upon an object so much below the lover.
  2. Never was there any instance of such love to those who were so far from being capable of benefiting the lover.
  3. Never was there any who set his love upon those in whom he saw so much filthiness and deformity.
  4. Never was there anyone who set his love upon those who were so far from loving him and so unreasonably averse to him as Jesus Christ in his dying love to sinners.
  5. There never was any love that appeared in so great and wonderful expressions
  6. And lastly, never was there any love that was so beneficial to the beloved.

2 thoughts on “The Unparalleled Love of Christ”

  1. It took me a while to figure out why Josh wears a “Joanthan Edwards is my homeboy” t-shirt (Yes, he’s a dork, but there is more too it than that) The more I heard from our Christian fathers the more in love with them I became. Although, I did not completely grasp the importance of the past generations of Christians until I read a little Luther in my philo class.

    I teared up as I read the gospel that was written 485 years ago. It really is a testament to the glory of God seeing how the Church has remained true to the gospel through the Reformation, the puritans, and today. Below is one of my favorite lines from The Bondage of the Will. I choose this one b/c I think it relates to what Edwards wrote above(attempting to not to go off topic with the this post)

    “Now that God has taken my salvation out of the control of my own will and put it under the control of his, and promised to save me, not according to my working or running but according to his own grace and mercy, I have the comfortable certainty that he is faithful and will not lie to me, and that he is also great and powerful so that no devils or opposition can break him or pluck me from him.”


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