8 Years, More than Tears


Your 20’s are years normally fraught with big decisions. I regret many decisions made at that time, mostly my choices regarding my education. The one decision I do not regret is the best one I made, you. This decision was owing more to God’s grace than personal wisdom. I thank God that my many rash and unstudied decisions led to our lives colliding.

The past eight years include the most painful and hard seasons of my short life, however, they are also the best years of my life. I love my God more, I love you more. Marriage is hard, marriage is glorious. Our God has been gracious.

Happy Anniversary,


One thought on “8 Years, More than Tears”

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both. 8 years…. yea, you guys might just make it!
    You are both valued and highly regarded by Michelle and I as leaders among our church. You ably and humbly represent your ministry and calling, and have earned respect and admiration from us.
    On a personal level, we love you both and we’re honored to have you as friends.


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