Tolle Lege: Does Grace Grow Best in Winter?

Does Grace Grow Best in WinterReadability: 1

Length: 86 pgs

Author: Ligon Duncan

C.J. Mahaney commends Does Grace Grow Best in Winter? saying,

If you are presently suffering, this book is for you.  And if you are not, this book is still for you—in preparation for the trials that will undoubtedly come. Regardless of your current circumstances, Does Grace Grow Best in Winter? will help you perceive God’s purpose in suffering, receive God’s grace in trials, and draw near to our great high priest, who suffered the unimaginable horrors of the cross for us.

Here is a succinct yet thoroughly Biblical treatment of suffering.  It does not aim at being simply sentimental, or inspirational but rather faithful to Scripture and therefore lastingly beneficial.

Remembering the mystery of God’s providence redirects our attention from why to God.  Though we seek answers to our question of why we suffer, God brings comfort by answering the question of who is mysteriously working in our suffering.

Jesus suffered without us.  We may be tempted to think that Christ cannot understand our particular situation.  We may assume that there is some point of discontinuity between our experience and his that makes it impossible for him to really sympathize with us.  But here is the glorious news.  It is precisely because there is discontinuity between you experience and Jesus’ experience that he is able to sympathize with you in all things.  In fact, Jesus has experienced something that, by God’s grace, the Christian will never have to experience.

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