Genesis 21:22-34 & God is With Us

“God is with you in all you do…”

What is Abraham doing?

He isn’t exploring, discovering new peoples, continents, languages, cultures, and resources.  He isn’t gaining massive wealth, becoming an economic center.  He isn’t conquering great kings, extending his territory and name.  He isn’t teaching, spreading profound revolutionary philosophies.

What is he doing?  He sins, but even in sin it is obvious God’s covenant love is towards him (Genesis 20).  He has a child in his old age.  He digs wells.  He sojourns.  He raises cattle and milks goats.

And, God is with him.

In subtle and simple, yet sovereign ways, God is being faithful to His promises to Abraham.  In the first encounter with Abimelech the covenant seed is in danger.  Now the covenant land is the subject.  In Abimelech’s coming to Abraham it is obvious that yet again, God is with Abraham.

Beersheba will become the city to signify the southernmost border of Israel (2 Samuel 3:10).  Abraham apparently sojourns in this area the rest of his life.  He has received down payments, previews, appetizers of the full promise yet to come.

In this story line the true and better seed of Abraham is yet to come.  Through Him all the earth will be blessed.  His will inherit the earth (Romans 4:13).

And His name will be called Immanuel, meaning God with us.

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