Tolle Lege: The Word Became Fresh

The Word Became FreshReadability: 2

Length: 154 pgs

Author: Dale Ralph Davis

I think The Word Became Fresh will be profitable for all, but I especially recommend it to all teachers and preachers.  The profit for general readership will be insight in how to read and interpret Old Testament narrative and make application to self.  Do not be intimidated by the subtitle, “How to Preach from Old Testament Narrative Texts.”  The book is a joy to read being full of whit and illustration.

Who would’ve ever guessed that a bizarre soap opera would proclaim the faithfulness of God?  But that is clearly the case when you see Genesis 29-30 backed up against the people-promise of Genesis 12; that is, as you are meant to see it.  And instead of moaning about the family breakdown you will proclaim the faithfulness of God from this text.  The chemistry of divine providence takes the sludge and crud and confusion of our doings and makes it the soil that produces the fruit of his faithfulness.

Is the Lord deficient in understanding kindness or am I deficient in understanding holiness?

Doctrinal appreciation may feed genuine worship but it should never be identified with it.  In our finest hermeneutical moments we are only a step from idolatry.

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