Genesis 17 & All That He Is – For You

Do you realize the preciousness of these words “to be God to you… I will be their God” (Genesis 17:7-8)?  What is the difference between God being God to us, and God being God?  Do not pass lightly by such phrases in God’s Holy Word.  There is life giving, joy sustaining truth in such phrases.  Phrases like this are the place of sweet communion with God.

The difference between these two phrases, “God being God to us” and “God being God”, are as different as a woman being a wife, and a woman being my wife.  In one instance she is a wife, in the other she is a wife to me.  This means that everything she is as a wife, she is for me and to me alone.  This is the language of covenant.  This is the language of intimacy.  God has betrothed Himself to His people in love.

All that God is He is for you.  His beauty, for you.  His goodness, for you.  His kindness, for you.  His glory, for you.  His joy, for you.  His wisdom, for you.  His power, for you.  All His attributes are for you to enjoy and take comfort in.  Even His justice and righteousness, yes, even His wrath are for you.  Because in Christ your wrath has been born, now the wrath of God which works only to exalt His name and to stamp out injustice also works to your joy and good.  All He is, His entireGodness” is for you.  There is nothing that He is that He is not for you.  To clarify and avoid heresy, by “for you” I mean for your enjoyment and protection.  God’s attributes are not against you, but for you.  You are not the reason He is what He is, but all that He is, He is in your favor.  This is the magnitude of grace we enjoy.  He is both your shield and your exceeding great reward.

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