Little Fish in the Big Ocean

I was riding home, very weary with a long week’s work, when there came to my mind this text – “My grace is sufficient for thee:” but it came with the emphasis laid upon two words: “My grace is sufficient for thee.” My soul said, “Doubtless it is. Surely the grace of the infinite God is more than sufficient for such a mere insect as I am,” and I laughed, and laughed again, to think how far the supply exceeded all my needs. It seemed to me as though I were a little fish in the sea, and in my thirst I said, “Alas, I shall drink up the ocean.”  Then the Father of the waters lifted up his head sublime, and smilingly replied, “Little fish, the boundless main is sufficient for thee.” The thought made unbelief appear supremely ridiculous, as indeed it is.  – C.H. Spurgeon in Lectures to My Students

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