Genesis 14 & Blessed?

Think of someone you regard as very blessed.  Who are they?  Why do you think them blessed?  Is it because they have good health, a nice job, wonderful kids, and a white picket fence?  Is it because they are talented, have a lot of friends, and seem to succeed at whatever they put their hands to?  There is a sense in which this person is blessed, but such a person can be blessed in a lesser sense and cursed in a greater one.

“Blessed” has a strong usage and a weak one.  It seems with few exceptions “blessed” is used in the reduced, weaker manner.  When was the last time you referred to a persecuted missionary as blessed?  Jesus did (Matthew 5:10).  This may be a horrifying indicator of Western Christianity adulterous heart.  The American dream is apparently more blessed than the Great Commission.

Biblically, and most truly someone is blessed if the favor of God is upon them, if they enjoy God Himself, if they are reconciled to God.   So why I wouldn’t argue against someone referring to a person who has been gifted and is enjoying God’s providence and common grace as “blessed”, I am disturbed that we may not realize that they may be cursed in the greatest of ways.  “What does it profit a man to gain the world and forfeit his soul?”   Our eyes are hazed over such that we cannot see what it means to be truly blessed?  Thus we long for flat screens more than the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Abram here passes on being “blessed” by a worldly king.  He is able to do so because of faith in the promises of God.  Because the King, the Possessor of Heaven and Earth had blessed him, Abram was able to pass on the trivial Cracker-Jack prizes of this world.

I know of no other way to triumph over sin long-term than to gain a distaste for it because of a superior satisfaction in God.  – John Piper

3 thoughts on “Genesis 14 & Blessed?”

  1. I have a quote on my wall from around the time we went over Hebrews 11; “Faith chooses temporal suffering for eternal rewards.” I’m not sure exactly who I was quoting but this makes me think of that. Thanks!


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