Genesis 10:1-11:26 & Turning Babel into Praise – Forever!

Man’s prideful sin is not more powerful than the grace that comes to us through the humble obedience of Christ.  The glory of Christ is so transcendent that the sinful origin of the nations is turned into a beautiful harmonious mosaic of colors, tongues, cultures praising the Lamb who ransomed them to God (Revelation 5:9-10; 7:9-10).  Diversity is not erased in heaven, it is harmonized.

Our sovereign Lord allows sin only for His eternal glory.  God ordained the sinful origin of the nations to abound eternally for His glory.  Why the nations, peoples, languages?  John Piper gives four reasons:

1.  First, there is a beauty and power of praise that comes from unity in diversity that is greater than that which comes from unity alone. … I infer from this that the beauty and power of praise that will come to the Lord from the diversity of the nations are greater than the beauty and power that would come to him if the chorus of the redeemed were culturally uniform. The reason for this can be seen in the analogy of a choir. More depth and beauty is felt from a choir that sings in parts than from a choir that sings only in unison. Unity in diversity is more beautiful and more powerful than the unity of uniformity. This carries over to the untold differences that exist between the peoples of the world. When their diversity unites in worship to God, the beauty of their praise will echo the depth and greatness of God’s beauty far more than if the redeemed were from only a few different groups.

2.   Second, the fame and greatness and worth of an object of beauty increases in proportion to the diversity of those who recognize its beauty. If a work of art is regarded as great among a small and likeminded group of people but not by anyone else, the art is probably not truly great. Its qualities are such that it does not appeal to the deep universals in our hearts but only to provincial biases. But if a work of art continues to win more and more admirers not only across cultures but also across decades and centuries, then its greatness is irresistibly manifested.

3.  Third, the strength and wisdom and love of a leader is magnified in proportion to the diversity of people he can inspire to follow him with joy. If you can only lead a small, uniform group of people, your leadership qualities are not as great as if you can win a following from a large group of very diverse people.

4.  By focusing on all the people groups of the world God undercuts ethno-centric pride and puts all peoples back upon his free grace rather than any distinctive of their own.  – From Let the Nations Be Glad!

The nations do not exist becuase of sin, they exist for His glory – forever.  The “why” the nations exists (for his glory) is bigger than the “how” they came to exist (sin).  God ordained the sinful “how” only to accomplish the glorious “why”.

Oh God, grant us to taste now the beautiful spectrum that will be heaven.  Keep us from cultural stagnation.  How different, how gloriously different will heaven be from the monotony I so often taste?  God rescue us from the unvarying scenery of the great plains and add forests and hills and waterfalls, and mountains.  God undo Babel in our churches.  May we be unified again, not in sin, but in Your redemption.  May you be glorified in that the only person who could unite such diverse cultures is the universal King of transcendent majesty  .

2 thoughts on “Genesis 10:1-11:26 & Turning Babel into Praise – Forever!”

  1. Now, Josh’s Mom, you can see how easily your baby boy can take this blog from the previous gutter-level post and send it back to the heights of soaring eagles.

    By the way Josh, that last paragraph is amazing — a powerful prayer.


  2. Yes, Dbro, I know how amazing he can be, but I’m his mother and I still thought he had posted the outhouse one. There are days that I think he is on a lot higher plane than I am and then there are days when the genes he inherited from his mother shine through and he is right back down here on my level with me.


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