Tolle Lege: The Doctrine of God

The Doctrine of GodReadability :  3

Length:  742 pgs

Author:  John Frame

Currently there are three volumes in John Frame’s ‘Theology of Lordship’ series.  I had read excerpts and so many great reviews that while at the Gospel Coalition Conference this year I purchased all three at a great price ($51 instead of retail $115.97 for all three).  The Doctrine of God is the first of the works that I have read and I was not disappointed.  The work often fed my mind and warmed my heart with our big God.  The theme that runs through the book is that central to God is Lordship.  He is the Sovereign Lord of creation and the covenant.  He has all authority, all power and is present with man as Covenant Lord.

Frame’s theology though rich and deep is not hard to read nor burdened with technical jargon.  It is a college level read for the serious student.  It is well worth thirty minutes a day for approximately four months.

The first thing, and in once sense the only thing, we need to know about God is that he is Lord.  Surely no name, no description of God is more central to Scripture than this.

God is the supremely relevant one.  Without him, nothing else could exist or function.  Without him, there could be no meaning in life.

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