Genesis 2:18-25 & Don’t Play – Not Even With The Nerf Gun

Dating without any reference to marriage is as dangerous as shooting a gun without any reference to a target.

Genesis 2:18-25 gives us the context for intimacy between a man and a woman, it is marriage.  Do not decontextualize the intimacy of marriage and place it in dating.  Courtship should correspond to marriage the way a Nerf gun corresponds to a handgun, there will be similarities, but they are drastically different. 

Please don’t carry the analogy too far though.  Dating may be the Nerf gun, but it is still serious.  Be faithful with the lesser Nerf gun of dating, and you will be prepared to be faithful with the real gun of holy matrimony.  Date with purpose, not for leisure.  A marriage that expounds the mystery of Christ and His Church is the target – AIM!

3 thoughts on “Genesis 2:18-25 & Don’t Play – Not Even With The Nerf Gun”

  1. Great direction, and well said. Thanks.

    I also appreciated your comments last night regarding the proper place of children in marriage. I know of a few failed marriages, particularly second marriages, that have ended because the parents put the highest priority on their children and not the marriage relationship.

    It sounds a bit mean that I would let my boys know that I love mom just behind Jesus and just ahead of them. In actuality, it’s just as you said — I believe they feel secure in knowing that our marriage takes priority over our parenting. The boys love to see their mom and I show affection towards each other and they giggle and ‘gross out’ when we kiss and hug in front of them. But it (the affection shown) lets them know that our marriage is strong, and so they are assured that our family is too. The boys know that I loved their mom before they came around, and that she and I will be stuck with each other when they have gone to start families of their own.


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