Genesis 1:1 & One Down, One-Thousand-Five-Hundred-Thirty-Two to Go

Last night we began a trek, an epic trek.  We took one step, just one step of 1533 toward our desired destination.  It was just one step, but what a step it was.  Oh the glories of this one verse!  God forgive me for all the times I have read or contemplated this verse flippantly.  Forgive me for playing with nitroglycerin as if it were glass of ice water.

One of my favorite books I read in preparation for this trek was Allen Ross’s Creation and Blessing.  Ross said, “If creation around us displays the glory of God (Ps. 19), how much more the account of that creation.”  In this sentence, just this one sentence, I learn that God is incomparably majestic and powerful.  He is transcendent.  He alone is Creator, all else is creature or creation.  He is eternal, unbound by time.  He is wise and creative.  A man is smart if he can design a clock, God set the stars, burning balls of gas in motion.  If man messes up I am five minutes late.  If God messes up we all die.  He never messes up, we do. 

This first sentence of the Bible is more amazing than the stars.  Oh, see it that way, God grant us to see it that way!  Alpha Centauri does not shine as brightly as this verse of scripture.  And this is the most glorious thing, this transcendent, glorious King of the cosmos has become immanent as I read this very sentence and His Holy Spirit illumines it.  Our God is a talking God.  He talks to us.

Only 1532 glorious more steps to take as we learn more and more of this great covenant God and our relation to Him.  God bless these steps, may we like the patriarchs be those who “walk with God”.

2 thoughts on “Genesis 1:1 & One Down, One-Thousand-Five-Hundred-Thirty-Two to Go”

  1. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation in our D-team last night regarding Genesis. This is a great study.

    Here’s a video attempting to give scale to God’s creation and glory. It’s pretty amazing. Bonus… it’s Francis!

    (Paste this address into your browser if the link doesn’t work)


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