Gloriously Devestated

There are some lines in a good book, and some books altogether that are dynamite.  They explode in your mind, rattle your souls, reverberate in your thoughts, and devastate your lives.  After the initial blast you know something wonderful has happened but you have to wait months, even years for the dust to settle to realize the glorious destruction.

Has God’s Holy Word rattled your heart with more than nuclear force?  Has His eternal Word, that Word above all earthly powers, Jesus Christ, gloriously blasted everything new?  If so, eternity will come, the dust will then have settled, and the effects will eternally rapture our hearts to Him in love.

3 thoughts on “Gloriously Devestated”

  1. Perhaps you were referring mainly to books outside the Bible but the books of Isaiah and 1 John must have been my nuclear blasts. No others reenter my life with the same consistency and refining fire. I believe it was in these books that I really began to love God and see, with my very inadequate perception, part of His glory.


  2. I confess that I currently stand in a foggy storm of dust and falling debris. Several books written by contemporary men of God have renewed doctrines and passages of God’s word in my life. This is a good thing, even when the occasional debris wacks me on the head. We have been given a helm to protect, but sometimes I wonder if many of us carry our head protection around instead of wearing it. Maybe my analogy doesn’t quite work, but you get my point.

    Good post with another book worthy title!


  3. It seems with me that the explosion of the Bible is not one, but many that form a chain reaction, with each succeeding explosion larger than the former one. It explodes, and that lights a fuse, which eventually leads to another pile of explosives, which lights another fuse, etc. The downside of that is that satan is trying to stamp out the light on the fuse as it’s travelling… if that makes any sense.


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