The Necessity of Gospel Glory

I was skimming back through Jeremiah Burroughs Gospel Reconciliation the other day looking at places that I marked with a red asterisk (* = very important / powerful / good) and came across this gem.

God expects that we should have mighty high thoughts of this work [the wisdom and goodness of God in reconciling the world to Himself in Christ]; and if our thoughts are not high of this work, and are not lifted up above all creatures, we do but take the name of God in vain.  God does not care for any other glory we give Him unless we give Him the glory of this work.  It is true, when we see the works of God in the earth and on the seas, we should glorify God’s power and wisdom.  But unless your heart is taken with this masterpiece (as I may so term it), with this great work of God of reconciling Himself to the world in Christ, God will reject all your other glorifying of Him.  I mean He will so reject them as He will not accept them in comparison.

There is no other name by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12) because no other name glorifies how only God can give us God.  God gives His Son, and the Son He gives, gives us His Father.  Thus God is glorified as both the means and end of the gospel.  This is the marvelous masterpiece of reconciliation.  Revel in it, and know your heavenly Father smiles.

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