Tolle Lege: The Gospel According to Jesus

“You may have made Christ your Savior, but have you made Him your Lord”, such words sound profound, but they are not the gospel of Jesus according to John MacArthur in The Gospel According to Jesus. MacArthur purposefully devoid of great style gives clear biblical answers concerning what has become known by opponents as “Lordship Salvation”.  I highly recommend this book for anyone wrestling with this issue.

No one can rightfully lay claim to Him as Savior while refusing to own Him as Lord.

Am I suggesting that the popular gospel of our day is so seriously adulterated that it has become “another gospel,” a message so corrupt that its purveyors doom themselves to perdition?  No. I have not written this book to label anyone a heretic.  But I do believe that the danger of “another gospel” is a very real threat.  As the message is further weakened and cheapened, the church must be on guard lest we embrace a message so profoundly altered it bears no resemblance to the biblical message.

The superficial response is epidemic in twenty-first-century Christianity.  Why?  Because the gospel is usually presented with the promise of joy, warmth, fellowship and good feeling, but without the hard demand to take up one’s cross and follow Christ.

Fruit not foliage is the mark of true salvation.

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