Hebrews 2:5-10 & Oprah, Ferraris, and the Earth

I think the highest pitches achievable by female vocal cords are struck at the loudest volume when the estrogen dominated live audience of a certain TV show (a TV show humbly self-titled by the host) announces that this specific episode will be dubbed her “favorite things”.  Who else upon announcing some of their favorite things causes such hysteria?  Oprah , she’s got nothing.  I’m sure most of the companies give her the goods, its great advertising.  I’m sure she forks out some of her own dough as well, still its small cookies.

I once heard that Mr. Braum gives away an orange or an apple every year for a Christmas bonus to his employees.  Lucky employees, they get to choose between two sweet bonuses.  Can you imagine the deliberation that must be theirs every year as that grand moment approaches?  “Oh which one will I choose!  The orange was so great last year but…”  Clearly Oprah has Mr. Braum beat.  I watched this bit one monring of the place Fortune magazine named the greatest place to work… Google.


The wealth of a person or company is flaunted by what they give away.  The giving away of stuff when it fails to dent the wealth of the owner does not diminish his glory it adds to it.  If I give away iPods I must be doing quite well, but if Cameron comes along and is giving away flat screens as easily as I do iPods, He has a greater glory concerning materialistic wealth.   Both our gifts would be dwarfed by Mr. X (Graham contended for this position, ultimatly I considered this too unrealistic) who is giving away Ferraris.  The greater the gift and the less the diminishing effect upon the wealth of the giver the greater their glory.

God gives away and suffers no lack.  It is not as if he is so wealthy that hundreds become tens and dollars pennies; no, He gives and no deduction is made from his account at all. He gives without suffering any loss.  He does not acquire, He is the fountain.  He does not give away trite little trinkets, others may give electronics and cars – God gives the earth.  Better yet, He gives His Son to redeem the earth and bring many sons to glory.  In bringing many sons to glory and giving them dominion over the earth He does not diminish His own glory, rather He flaunts it.

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