Hebrews & the Final Portrait

As we begin our studies in Hebrews we look as it were at the final portrait. Imagine there is a world of grey, colors are dulled and life is drear. Your fathers were promised a life of color and light by the Divine Artist. He gave the fathers small paintings, snippets of His masterpiece yet to come; these have been handed down for generations, and though you prize them, they are faded and only replicas. After years of bondage to the grey you cry out for fresh color, big color, vibrant color. You yearn to see such an image of color not simply to stand in awe of it, but for it to fill your soul.The Divine Artist comes! He paints as never before! There has been color in the past, but this is so much more. Hues, stripes, and effects are used as never before, the texture is rich, the emotions powerful. All the color that you knew before now seems dull in comparison.

Sadly, the grey remains in your soul after such a sight. Just as the master artists is about to add the most splendid part of the painting, a burst of light; not light that drowns or dims the other colors, but rather makes them brighter, just as he turns the canvas from painting to self portrait, He turns His head towards you ready to smile only to see that now you are attributing His masterpiece to Moo. The grey seeks to rob glory; it turns us into glory thieves.

We too are people of the Exodus, and we have seen a redemption greater than they, a deliverance of which there’s was only a shadow. The cross is infinitely more glorious than the plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, and Mount Sinai. We should not look for a greater stroke from the brush of God’s revelation than Jesus Christ. The ultimate message that God wanted to communicate, is communicating, and will communicate for all of eternity is the supreme prophet, priest, and king, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Do not leave Him for Moo, cling to Him, cherish Him, stand in awe of Him, love Him, know Him, chase after Him, meditate on Him, pray through Him…


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