Easter Comfort

John Piper’s son Abraham lost their baby girl Felicity in September 07. 

Here is the story.

Here is a poem.

Here is Grandpa John’s funeral comments.

And here is Abraham’s Easter poem of hope.

Bethany and I have found comfort here.  More than anywhere else I have found comfort in the crucified and risen Christ, and here are the two linked together beautifully.

2 thoughts on “Easter Comfort”

  1. Thank you for sharing. We have needed comfort, too, in your loss. Realizing that others share the feelings, the pain but mostly the Hope is encouraging! May we never lose sight of our comfort being in the crucified and risen Christ.


  2. God’s grace is amazing…I pray God’s wonderful grace on our sweet friends Josh and Cristina. We love and miss Boomer and Elijah. Josh and I look forward to walking this difficult but faith-building path with you both.


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