Isaiah 11:1-11 & “Simon Sweeps?!”

Yes, I watch American Idol. But mostly to see the disasters; alas, the fun part of American Idol has now ceased. Last night a horrible singer throws glitter and flowers out of his pocket to woo ‘the ladies’ leaving a mess to be cleaned up. Simon asks for Ryan to come in and clean it up. He tells the stage hand to wait for Ryan.  Ryan enters, is a bit patronizing, and shrugs off the duty. So Simon takes the broom, and although he has no clue how to use it, attempts to dispose of the sparkly carnage. After being informed that the cameras are now off he quickly gives the broom back to the stage hand.

Ever notice someone higher than you do work that you thought you were above?

Jesus came as a humble shoot from a stump. He came a servant to give his life as a ransom (Matthew 20:28).

Frustratingly I cannot remember where I read it much more poetically stated that:

Once Christ has humbled himself, how can man ever be prideful?

One thought on “Isaiah 11:1-11 & “Simon Sweeps?!””

  1. Application:

    That through the lesson and God’s Word we/it will:

    – Cause us to be humble and realize our depravity.

    – Strive to have Godly wisdom through the Bible

    – Stand in awe of His power and grace

    – Stand in awe of His humanity and perfection

    – Realize that He delt with temptation and emotion just like we got through.

    – Make our delight also in the fear of the Lord

    – Have hope in His eternal reign


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