Thanksgiving Wonder

We drive through Pittsburgh, Texas every time we go to visit Bethany’s parents. It is there that we pass this spectacle.

In case you are unaware this is Bo Pilgrim of Pilgrim’s Pride. I personally think it is horrible advertising. His big head is on everything, even the tractor trailers have his huge noggin painted on them. Why does he think that this will make people want to eat his chicken—any chicken?

Tulsa, before you think bad of Pittsburgh, remember the praying hands?


I never connected the two before but now I have come to realize…there is a giant praying pilgrim trapped inside the earth. I bet there are a giant pilgrim feet somewhere in Kazakhstan.


In case you are terrified…relax.

  1. He is a pilgrim—they really are excellent folk.
  2. He is praying all the time.

[Bo photo by Olaf
Hands photo by Dustin M. Ramsey]

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