Secondary Dessert

Some of you may know that Katie received the opportunity to conduct a phone interview with the figure head of the rock & roll extravaganza known as the David Crowder* Band. I was invited to tag along for moral support.

So we headed to Tulsa world and it was everything I expected it to be, unkempt cubicles, little lighting, and wonderfully interesting people with an apparent intimate relationship to the coffee bean. We waited for an authority figure named Barbara to guide us along the path. Alas she was nowhere to be found. So a nice lade with most spectral purple/maroon [?] hair told us to have a seat and instantly the phone rang…it was he.

I was hoping for speaker phone, a conference room, maybe even a video feed; I was devastatingly disappointed. I sat in a chair watching Katie relish the sweet dessert of a phone conversation with ‘the Crowder’. She laughed, she smiled, she affirmed, she probed – I sat. It was as if a rich chocolate cake with melted chocolate filling was right there, and I had to watch someone else enjoy it.

I wonder if we do this with God? If we just take all of our Christianity in second hand? We hear other people talk about how amazing HE is and we nod in agreement because maybe we tasted something like that one time. We listen to an elder speak of the glory of Christ and it sounds great, but have we, do we regularly taste Him ourselves?

This guy named Brother Lawrence wrote a classic in the 17th century called The Practice of the Presence of God. In it he basically said:

I have had such delicious thoughts on God that I am ashamed to mention them.

Ever been there?

Tasted that?

When was the last time you talked to God? Was it second hand through another person?

So as Katie concluded I was allowed a brief hello/goodbye. I wasn’t sure what to say, my words fumbled. Surely Crowder now knows that it will be nothing spectacular to say he knows and once talked to ‘the King’. I wonder if we do this with God as well? We finally talk, it’s embarrassing. We aren’t sure what to do. So we put it off once again. This God is too great, completely alien to my lowliness and humanity. How could we ever be intimate friends?

But Jesus came, took on our humanity and revealed Himself  to us, firsthand. And that is the way He still likes it today, firsthand.

Talk and listen to Him today.

Katie I forgot to ask his answers to two of your questions, please do tell:

1) How he stays active in church with all his band duties.

2) If he is working on any new books.

4 thoughts on “Secondary Dessert”

  1. 1. He said he tries to plan the tour routing so that the band is always near home on the weekends. “If you value something, you make it happen. Maybe value isnt a strong enough word. It’s more like a necessity for us.” 2. He said he isnt working on any books right now. He has a lot on his plate and writing books is a lot of work. But eventually he would like to write another.


  2. Katie, as in Katie Birnie? Goodness Katie, you could just hand the phone sweating hyperventilating guy sitting next you…geez. Inconsiderate! :o)


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