Galatians 5:1-12 & My Car

So there is this splendid couple that was kind enough to give me a car! Outside of making fun of my son they truly are splendid people (really, he is not even out of the womb to defend himself yet; I would teach him to spit up on you, but that would only serve your rude prediction concerning his character). So the car is great, except that having to walk around to the passenger side to unlock the driver’s side door, then walking back to the driver’s side to get into my car can get a bit old. So Saturday I commenced ripping off the door panel to locate the problem. There is a little white plastic thing-a-ma-jig about the size of my pinkie, on which a little hook-like piece smaller than a fly is the only part broken. The thing-a-ma-jig would perform perfectly fine if not for this small part which only makes up 1/100 of its wholeness. I tell myself I will look at a junk yard or something…we shall see.

So you have two doors.

1 = law (passenger side)

2 = Jesus (drivers side)

Like my car door number one only serves to make you realize your need of door number 2. Door number 1 cannot get you into the driver’s seat to enjoy driving freedom. Door number one only allows you to be a passenger, a slave to various drivers known as:

The curse of the law.

The lust of the flesh.




All are reckless drivers and will destroy your soul – intense wreckage!

So after a few thousand ‘accidents’ you realize these guys can’t drive. Only faith in CHRIST can open the door with the broke thing-a-ma-jig. You experience driving freedom.

But sometimes you get lazy, you just want to sit and let someone else take the wheel; someone like self righteousness, the law, or pride. When you use door number one, door number two is no advantage to you. To ‘fall away from grace’ (v. 4) is not to lose your salvation, but your driving freedom. You can live by the law, or under the stream of grace, but you cannot do both at the same time.

I go to door number one daily, both spiritually and with my car. With my car one continually makes me realize and sends me to door number two. Spiritually this is not always so, but how I wish it was.

One is utterly insufficient.

Two is a flowing fountain of cruising freedom. A road of grace.

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