Lost* – that was what this weekend was all about.

Bethany was gone to TX…I felt lost. The remedy, watching a sinful amount of lost.

I loved season one. when we were sure that we were going to move to Tulsa we started packing things up, and one of those things was that wicked dvr*. And so I was no longer able to watch lost. I lost Lost!

But now Lost has been found. Once we moved into our current casa the dish went up and the DVR resumed working its digital magic by recording season 3. Lost had been found. But I could not watch because I had not yet fulfilled the required prerequisite of Lost season 2. So this weekend I went to Hollywood* and found Lost season 2.

I watched it all!

In four days!

I have since repented of my excessive TV watching. It crazy how obsessed* we can become, especially when we have no anchor*. How everything else can seem less important.

Anyway there was this one powerful moment of worship within my viewing. Mr. Echo asks Locke if he knows the story of Josiah*. Locke says no. he tells how Josiah was a good king who followed the Lord. He wanted to rebuild the temple. To do this he would need money and gold. As this work was going on around the temple hellish finds a book. Do you know what this Book is?* Josiah read this Book and tore his clothes and wept. And it was with this Book, not money and gold that he rebuilt the temple.

The book had been lost! Can you imagine a church without a Bible?

I read this other book* about the effects of TV by Neil. He mentions two theories as to why books might be unread. The first one seemed to be a major threat during the world wars. It was the idea that books would be banned because of their content. Neil then goes on to show that the enemy has been much more subtle. He did not attack from without, but within. The scarier danger is not that books are banned, but that nobody would want to read a book!

And so we have lost the Book. Oh, we still have it, but it has lost its weight in our lives.

It is with this Book, not gold, money, or anything that it can buy that your life must be built on.

* Lost = Lost
DVR = digital video recorder
Hollywood= hollywood video
Obsessed = you must read ted decker’s Obsessed its a quick page turner
Anchor = Bethany
Josiah’s story = 2 Kings 22:23 & 2 Chronicles 34-35 – great story!
This Book = the Book of the Law
This other book = Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman.

2 thoughts on “Lost?”

  1. I wondered why your eyes looked like a roadmap of Tulsa this weekend. I myself, have never seen a full episode of “Lost” — I don’t need another addiction, though, so don’t tell me it’s “must see”.I once did a “24” blitz — took me about 10 days to do a season, though, at over 2 episodes per night.4 days?! You are the champ.


  2. my poor boy…mama is coming home soon…your puppy might stay here with his grandma though. Texas is great…but I miss my Tulsa fam. Can’t wait for this weekend…B


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